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Examples: Inventory Items

Creating (importing) and managing inventory items such as TWAMP reflectors and Y.1731 MEPs is done in a similar way as for Test Agents. Below is XML and NETCONF code for defining such entities in Paragon Active Assurance through the NETCONF & YANG API and for retrieving lists of the items defined.

Creating a TWAMP Reflector

Creating a Y.1731 MEP

Creating an IPTV Channel

Creating a Ping Host

Creating a SIP Account

Retrieving Inventory Items

Below is Python code for retrieving all inventory items defined in an account. (All types of inventory items are fetched in one go here in order to avoid some repetition in the document. Naturally, any subset of inventory items can be fetched by leaving out some of the lines under account below.)

Running this code gives output like that below: