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Importing and Exporting Test and Monitor Templates

Templates for tests and monitors can be exported from one installation of Control Center and imported into another (or into a different account on the same Control Center). The following commands are used for this purpose:

  • ncc template for tests
  • ncc monitor-template for monitors

The syntax is identical for these two commands and is detailed below for ncc template.

Listing Templates

To list all templates with account name, template name and ID, give this command:

Use the --account flag to list templates from a specific account only.

Exporting Templates

Use this command to export template configurations in JSON format:

Here, [id ...] is a list of IDs of the templates you want to export. If no template IDs are specified, all templates are exported.

The --file flag specifies the name of the output file. If you omit this, the output will be written to stdout.

Use the --account flag to filter templates by account.

Importing Templates

On exporting templates, you can import them to a specified account as follows:

Here, export file name is an output file obtained from ncc template export. (If no file is specified, the import command reads from stdin.)

If the force_overwrite flag is set, then any templates with the same name that already exist in the account will be overwritten. Using this option is not recommended in general. It is preferable to rename the existing template(s) before importing.

Usage Examples

  • Export a single template named "template1":

  • Export all templates from account "demo":

  • Export all templates on the server:

  • Import templates from export file to account "demo":