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Upgrade Paths

If you are upgrading from an old Netrounds version, the following steps are essential:

  • Upgrading from version 2.34 to replace Ubuntu 16.04 with Ubuntu 18.04.
  • Upgrading to version 3.1 to start using a Juniper license.

The following upgrade paths are recommended:

Source version Target version Note
< 2.28.99 2.28.99 For these upgrades, please contact Juniper support (see below).
2.28.99 2.29.2
2.29.2 2.34.4
2.30.x 2.34.4
2.31.x 2.34.4
2.32.0 2.34.4
2.33.x 2.34.4
2.34.x 2.35.6 See Upgrading Control Center from Version 2.34.
2.35.x 3.1.0 See Special Procedures for Upgrade to 3.x.
2.36.x 3.1.0
3.0.x 3.1.0

To contact Juniper technical support, file a ticket at

Please also contact technical support whenever you want to upgrade from a version or between versions that are EoS.

Release Notes

Before starting the upgrade, please always read the Release Notes for the version you are upgrading to. These notes describe new features and also inform you of important under-the-hood changes such as new configuration files.

If you are upgrading across multiple versions, please read the Release Notes for all intermediate versions.