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Special Upgrade Procedures

Special Procedure for Upgrade to 3.0

On upgrading to version 3.0 you need a new license from Juniper Networks to be able to use the product. Juniper Networks will provide you with such a license, which you then activate with the usual ncc license activate command.

Special Procedure for Upgrade from 2.34

The upgrade from 2.34 to a later version involves an Ubuntu upgrade from version 16.04 to version 18.04. It is covered in the document Upgrading Control Center from Version 2.34.

Special Procedure for Upgrade 2.2x → 2.29+

The 2.29.2 version of Control Center requires special upgrade procedures since the database was changed in that version from MySQL to PostgreSQL. It is covered in the document Special Instructions for Upgrade from Control Center Versions Prior to 2.29.

To make sure everything goes well during the upgrade, only a single upgrade path that involves the database switch is allowed. As shown in the image below, the only allowed path from the MySQL side to PostgreSQL is from 2.28.99 to 2.29.2.


The green arrows show some but not all of the possible upgrade paths.