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Setting Up a Virtual Test Agent in VirtualBox

Here is how to load the vTA from the OVA image.

  • In VirtualBox Manager, select the virtual machine named “vTA”.
  • From the File menu, select Import Appliance.

  • Browse to select the OVA image file (*.ova). Then click Next.

  • Change the appliance settings if necessary. The default settings are however a good starting point for testing.
  • Then click Import to go ahead with importing the OVA image.

  • Now start the virtual machine named “vTA” in VirtualBox Manager. You will be prompted to log in to the virtual machine. Normally the topmost item should be selected in the screenshot that follows:

  • Log in to the Test Agent using the credentials “admin”/”admin” as indicated below.

The Test Agent local console menu now appears. Proceed to register the Test Agent with a Control Center, as described in the Paragon Active Assurance in-app help under Test AgentsConfiguring Test Agents from the local console.