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Upgrade Procedure


If you are upgrading from any version before 2.29, please make sure you use the special upgrade procedure described in the document Special Instructions for Upgrade from Control Center Versions Prior to 2.29.


If you are upgrading from 2.34, please make sure you use the special upgrade procedure described in the document Upgrading Netrounds Control Center from Version 2.34.

Below are general instructions for upgrading Control Center. Note that for specific releases, additional actions may be required; separate instructions are then given in each case in what follows.

Be sure to refer to the current Paragon Active Assurance Installation Guide.

  • Disable the apache2 and netrounds-callexecuter services completely:

  • Stop all Paragon Active Assurance services:

  • Make backups according to the Lifecycle Management Guide, chapter Backing Up Product Data, starting with the section "Backing Up the PostgreSQL Database".

  • Verify the integrity of the tarball containing the new Control Center version:

  • Unpack the Control Center tarball:

  • Install new Control Center packages:

    When asked how to proceed with the configuration files, choose to keep the old files.


    New optional and updated settings may be available in the example configuration files provided in the packages. Feel free to review these and add new options as appropriate for your installation. It is not mandatory to change any existing files to keep the current functionality.

  • Run the database migration:


    This command takes considerable time to execute.

  • Install the new Test Agent repository:

  • Enable the apache2, kafka, and netrounds-callexecuter services:

  • Start all Paragon Active Assurance services.


    You must do this to get the services up and running again after the upgrade:

  • To activate the new configuration, you also need to run: