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Step 1: Begin


In this guide, we provide a simple, three-step path, to quickly get you up and running with your new EX2300-C. We’ve simplified and shortened the installation and configuration steps, and included how-to videos. You’ll learn how to install an AC-powered EX2300-C on a desktop, power it up, and configure basic settings.


Are you interested in getting hands-on experience with the topics and operations covered in this guide? Visit Juniper Networks Virtual Labs and reserve your free sandbox today! You’ll find the Junos Day One Experience sandbox in the stand alone category. EX switches are not virtualized. In the demonstration, focus on the virtual QFX device. Both the EX and QFX switches are configured with the same Junos commands.

Meet the EX2300-C Ethernet Switches

The Juniper Networks® EX2300-C Ethernet switches offer a compact, power-efficient, cost-effective solution for low-density branch offices and enterprise workgroups. Featuring a fanless design, the EX2300-C switches are completely silent, making them ideal for open office areas and commercial locations such as in retail stores.

You can interconnect up to four EX2300 switches to form a Virtual Chassis, enabling these switches to be managed as a single device.

There are two EX2300-C switch models: EX2300-C-12P and EX2300-C-12T. Each model has 12 front-panel 10/100/1000BASE-T network ports and two optional 10GbE uplink ports for connecting to higher-level devices. The uplink ports support small form-factor pluggable plus (SFP+) transceivers. The network ports for the EX2300-C-12P switch support Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE+) for powering attached network devices. The network ports for the EX2300-C-12T switch do not support PoE or PoE+.

Install the EX2300-C Switch

You typically install an EX2300-C on a flat surface like a desk or a shelf. If you want to mount the switch on the wall or in a two-post rack, you’ll need to order a wall mount kit or rack mount kit. If the switch is in an open area, we suggest you order a cable guard to secure the cables to the switch so that they don’t accidentally get unplugged.

What’s in the Box?

The EX2300-C switch comes with everything you need to install it:

  • An AC power cord appropriate for your geographical location

  • Power cord retainer clip

  • Rubber feet (preinstalled on the chassis)

  • An Ethernet cable with RJ-45 connectors attached and an RJ-45 to DB-9 serial port adapter

Install and Power On the EX2300-C Switch

Here’s how to install the EX2300-C switch on a desk or other level surface, connect it to an AC power source, and then power it on:

  1. Review General Safety Guidelines and Warnings
  2. Place the switch on the desk or other level surface.Caution

    Do not block the vents on the top of EX2300-C switches. This can cause the switch to overheat.

  3. On the rear panel, connect the power cord retainer clip for the AC power socket:
    1. Squeeze the two sides of the power cord retainer clip.
    2. Insert the L-shaped ends of the wire clip into the holes in the bracket above and below the AC power socket.

    The power cord retainer clip extends out of the chassis by 3 in. (7.62 cm).

  4. Plug in the power cord to the AC power socket on the switch.
  5. Push the power cord into the slot in the adjustment nut for the retainer clip.
  6. Turn the nut clockwise until it’s snug against the base of the coupler. The slot in the coupler should be 90 degrees from the power supply socket.Warning

    Ensure that the power cord does not drape where people can trip on it. Make sure the power cord doesn’t block access to switch components.

  7. If the AC power outlet has a power switch, turn it off.
  8. Plug in the power cord to the AC power outlet.
  9. If the AC power outlet has a power switch, turn it on.

    The switch powers on as soon as you plug it in to power. It doesn’t have a power switch.