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Virtual Chassis Fabric Hardware Overview

The Juniper Networks Virtual Chassis Fabric (VCF) spine-and-leaf architecture supports two types of hardware configurations based on the switch model used as the spine in the VCF.

  • QFX5110 VCF

    • QFX5110-32Q (spine or leaf)

    • QFX5110-48S (leaf)

    • QFX5100-24Q (leaf)

    • QFX5100-48S (leaf)

    • QFX5100-48T (leaf)


      Available on Junos OS Release 17.3R2 and later.

    • QFX5100-96S (leaf)

  • QFX5100 VCF

    • QFX5100-24Q (spine or leaf)

    • QFX5100-48S (spine or leaf)

    • QFX5100-48T (leaf)

    • QFX5100-96S (leaf)

    • QFX3600 (leaf)

    • QFX3500 (leaf)

    • EX4300 (leaf)

Homogeneous configurations are Installations with all members within the same line of switches (for example, QFX5100-24Q, QFX5100-48S, QFX5100-48T, and QFX5100-96S in a QFX5100 VCF). QFX5100 VCF installations with a mixture of models are called mixed mode. For example, a mixed mode QFX5100 VCF might contain a EX4300 or QFX3600 as leaf devices. Mixed mode devices must be configured before joining the VCF and are not eligible for the auto-provisioned configuration (plug and play). Adding a device configured as mixed mode to a VCF can cause those devices to be marked inactive if the other devices are not also configured as mixed mode. In both mixed mode and homogeneous configurations, you must run the same Junos OS release on all devices. In a QFX5100 VCF, the optimum configuration comprises only QFX5100 models. When both the QFX5100-24Q and the QFX5100-48S are available in a VCF, use the QFX5100-24Q as the spine.

In a QFX5110 VCF, the optimum configuration comprises only QFX5110 models. When multiple models of QFX5110 are in a VCF, use the QFX5110-32Q as the spine. All QFX5110 VCF configurations are considered homogeneous.