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Interface Alarm Messages

Interface alarms are alarms that you configure to alert you when an interface is down.

To configure an interface link-down condition to trigger a red or yellow alarm, or to configure the link-down condition to be ignored, use the alarm statement at the [edit chassis] hierarchy level. You can specify the ethernet, fibre-channel, or management-ethernet interface type.


Fibre Channel alarms are valid only on QFX3500 devices.


When red alarms or major alarms are issued on QFX5100 or EX4600 switches, the alarm LED glows amber instead of red.

By default, major alarms are configured for interface link-down conditions on the control plane and management network interfaces in a QFabric system. The link-down alarms indicate that connectivity to the control plane network is down. You can configure these alarms to be ignored using the alarm statement at the [edit chassis] hierarchy level.


If you configure a yellow alarm on the QFX3008-I Interconnect device, it is handled as a red alarm.