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SSR1200 Appliance Overview

The Juniper Networks SSR1200 is a 1-U fixed-configuration appliance that is ideal for large branch and small data center or campus deployments. Powered by the Juniper Session Smart Router (SSR) software, the SSR1200 provides secure and resilient WAN connectivity.


To use the SSR1200, you must purchase the SSR software subscription license that is sold separately. You can onboard and monitor the SSR1200 in a cloud network by using Juniper Mist™.

Benefits of SSR1200

  • Zero Trust Security (ZTS)—The SSR1200 ensures ZTS by authenticating all routes and encrypting all session traffic. Applications, devices, or users cannot initiate any session that does not comply with the authentication policies and access rules. The SSR1200 supports Layer 2 through Layer 5 stateful firewall functions, including DoS/DDoS protection, NAT, encryption, VPN, and traffic filtering.

  • Adaptive encryption—The SSR1200 automatically detects traffic encrypted using HTTPS or IPsec and does not re-encrypt such traffic. This capability results in improved performance and reduced overhead due to double encryption.

  • Simplified onboarding and monitoring with Juniper Mist WAN Assurance—You can quickly onboard the SSR1200 to the Mist Cloud using the claim code or QR code. This helps in reducing the operational complexity and simplifying the deployment and configuration process.


    Starting from SSR Release 6.0, you can manage the SSR1300 using Juniper Mist WAN Assurance.

Field-Replaceable Units in SSR1200 Appliances

Field-replaceable units (FRUs) are components that you can replace at your site. The following are the two types of SSR1200 FRUs:

  • Hot-insertable and hot-removable—You can remove and replace these components without powering off the appliance or disrupting the appliance function.

  • Hot-pluggable—You can remove and replace these components without powering off the appliance, but the appliance function is interrupted until you replace the component.

The FRUs in SSR1200 appliances are:

  • Power supplies (hot-insertable and hot-removable)

  • Transceivers (hot-pluggable)