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SRX4600 Services Gateway System Overview

SRX4600 Services Gateway Overview

The Juniper Networks SRX4600 Services Gateway is a next-generation, high-performance, and scalable security services device. The services gateway supports 75-Gbps Internet mix (IMIX) throughput, is suited for large enterprises and small to medium data centers.

The SRX4600 Services Gateway provides industry-leading next-generation firewall capabilities (AppID, UserFW, IPS, UTM, and so on) and advanced threat detection and mitigation capabilities features such as SecIntel and SkyATP.The Services Gateway features two high-performance Intel Xeon processors with 14 cores per processor.

Figure 1: SRX4600 Services GatewaySRX4600 Services Gateway

The chassis is a 1 U high device designed for rack installation. The services gateway is available in both AC-powered and DC-powered models. See Figure 2 and Figure 3:

  • SRX4600 (AC) — SRX4600 Services Gateway with dual AC power supplies

    Figure 2: SRX4600 Services Gateway AC ModelSRX4600 Services Gateway AC Model
  • SRX4600 (DC) — SRX4600 Services Gateway with dual DC power supplies

    Figure 3: SRX4600 Services Gateway DC ModelSRX4600 Services Gateway DC Model

The SRX4600 Services Gateway is shipped with two field-replaceable 1-TB solid-state drives (SSDs). The usable memory on the 1-TB SSD is 960 GB.

The services gateway runs the Junos Operating System (Junos OS) and can be managed using the Junos OS CLI, Junos Space, and J-Web.

Field-Replaceable Units in an SRX4600 Services Gateway

Field-replaceable units (FRUs) are components that you can replace at your site. The FRUs in an SRX4600 Services Gateway are:

  • Solid-state drives (SSDs)

  • Fan modules

  • Power supplies

  • SFP+ transceivers

  • QSFP28 transceivers

The power supplies, fan modules, and transceivers can be removed and replaced without powering off the services gateway or disrupting services gateway functions.


If you have a Juniper J-Care service contract, register any addition, change, or upgrade of hardware components at . Failure to do so can result in significant delays if you need replacement parts. This note does not apply if you replace existing components with the same type of component.

Benefits of the SRX4600 Services Gateway

  • High performance—The SRX4600 Services Gateway supports up to 95-Gbps firewall throughput (up to 75-Gbps of IMIX firewall throughput).Best-in-class security and advanced threat mitigation capabilities are offered as 20 Gbps of next-generation firewall, 20 Gbps of intrusion prevention system (IPS), and up to 16 Gbps of IPsec VPN in data center, enterprise campus, and regional headquarter deployments with IMIX traffic patterns.

  • High-quality end-user experience—The SRX4600 recognizes more than 3500+ L3-L7 applications and nested applications in plain text or SSL-encrypted transactions.The firewall also integrates with Microsoft Active Directory and combines user information with application data to provide network-wide application and user visibility and control.