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SRX4200 Cooling System

The cooling system for the services gateway consists of four fan trays located at the rear of the chassis. Each fan tray contains two fans, so there are a total of eight fans. The fans draw cool air through vents on the front of the chassis and exhaust the air through the back of the chassis. See Figure 1. The airflow produced by the fans keeps device components within the acceptable temperature range.

If any one of the four fan trays fails, the services gateway generates a warning but keeps the system running. If the temperature keeps rising, the services gateway lowers the power consumption by reducing the performance or shutting down some of the chassis components. However, if the ambient maximum temperature exceeds the warning level and the system cannot be adequately cooled, then the services gateway shuts down the system and hardware components completely.

The fan trays are hot-swappable field-replaceable units (FRUs). The fans are not field-replaceable.

Figure 1: Airflow Through the ChassisAirflow Through the Chassis