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Maintaining the SRX345 Components

Required Tools and Parts for Maintaining the SRX345 Firewall Hardware Components

The following tools and parts are required to maintain the hardware components of the services gateway:

  • Electrostatic bag or antistatic mat

  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD) grounding wrist strap

  • Flat-blade screw-blade screwdriver, approximately 1/8 in. (3 mm)

  • Phillips (+) screwdrivers, numbers 1 and 2

Routine Maintenance Procedures for the SRX345 Services Gateway

For optimum performance of the services gateway, perform the following preventive maintenance procedures regularly:

  • Inspect the installation site for moisture, loose wires or cables, and excessive dust.

  • Make sure that airflow is unobstructed around the services gateway and into the air intake vents.

  • Check the status LEDs on the front and back panels of the services gateway.

Maintaining the SRX345 Firewall Cooling System Components

The services gateway fan controller works to maintain an optimal temperature for the services gateway. If the fan controller fails, the services gateway temperature will exceed the maximum working temperature and it will fail. Make sure that you maintain the recommended clearances behind the services gateway to enable the fan controller to function optimally.

Maintaining the SRX345 Firewall Power Supply

To maintain the power supplies of the services gateway:

  • Make sure that all power cables are arranged so that they do not obstruct access to other services gateway components.

  • Routinely check the POWER LED on the front panel. If this LED is solid green, the power supplies are functioning normally.


    For SRX345 Services Gateways with dual AC power supplies, check the LEDs on the power supplies at the rear of the chassis. If the LEDs are solid green, then the power supplies are functioning normally.

  • Periodically inspect the site to ensure that the power cables connected to the services gateway are securely in place and that there is no moisture accumulating near the services gateway.

  • To check the status of the power supplies on an SRX345 Firewall with dual AC power supplies, use the show chassis environment or show chassis hardware command. The output is similar to the following:


    If one of the power supplies on an SRX345 Firewall with dual AC power supplies has failed, the output of the show chassis hardware command displays only the power supply that is operational.

Replacing Mini-Physical Interface Modules in the SRX345 Firewall

The Mini-PIMs available on the SRX345 Firewall are not hot-swappable. You need to power off the device before removing or installing Mini-PIMs. For information on replacing Mini-PIMs, see the SRX300 Series and SRX550 High Memory Services Gateway Interface Modules Reference.