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SRX300 Power System

Understanding the SRX300 Firewall Power Supply

The power supply for the SRX300 Firewall is external. You must use the AC to DC, 60 W power supply adapter provided by Juniper Networks to provide power to the services gateway. The adapter provides an output of 12 VDC, 5 A.

SRX300 Firewall Power Specifications and Requirements

Table 1 lists the power specifications for the SRX300 Firewall power supply adapter.

Table 1: Power Specifications for the SRX300 Firewall Power Supply Adapter

Power Supply Adapter Requirement


AC input

100 to 240 VAC

AC input line frequency

50 to 60 Hz

AC system current rating

1 A maximum

Maximum AC inrush current

7 A at 220 V/50 Hz


The AC power cord for the services gateway is intended for use with only the power supply adapter provided with the device .