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Powering Off a QFX3100 Director Device

Power off a QFX3100 Director device when:

  • The QFX3100 Director needs to be removed from a rack or cabinet

  • The device is not active and you want to save power

  • You want to isolate the QFX3100 Director

Before you power off the QFX3100 Director device:

Ensure that you have the following parts and tools available:

  • An external management device such as a PC connected to the management network.

To power off a QFX3100 Director device:

  1. Log in to the default partition of your QFabric system. See Gaining Access to the QFabric System Through the Default Partition.
  2. Shut down the Director device by issuing the request system halt director-device director-device-name operational mode CLI command. This command shuts down the device gracefully and preserves system state information. A message appears on the console, confirming that the operating system has halted.
  3. Observe the power supply faceplate LEDs. The AC power supply LED should turn off.