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Powering Off an Interconnect Device on a QFX3000-M QFabric System

Use this procedure to gracefully shut down an existing Interconnect device or to install a new Interconnect device in a QFX3000-M QFabric System. This orderly process prevents traffic loss on the Interconnect device. The QFX3000-M QFabric System supports the QFX5100-24Q configured as an Interconnect device and the QFX3600-I Interconnect device.

  1. Log into the QFabric default partition on the Director device and start the CLI.
  2. Discover the device connection status and the alias name (identifier) by issuing the show fabric administration inventory command.

    The Interconnect device must show as connected and configured in order to have an orderly shutdown.

  3. Start the orderly shutdown of either the QFX5100-24Q or the QFX3600-I Interconnect device by issuing the request fabric administration power-off interconnect-device operational mode command from the QFabric default partition CLI. This command systematically takes the interconnect offline and gracefully shuts down the device while preserving system state information. A message appears on the console or console log, confirming that the operating system has stopped on the device.

    You see the following output after entering the command:


    The final output of the request fabric administration power-off interconnect-device command is the following message:The device is shutting down and can be removed when the LCDs are off. Wait at least 3 to 4 minutes after first seeing this message before following the instructions in Step 4 and Step 5 to power off the switch.

  4. Disconnect power to the switch by performing one of the following tasks:
    • AC power supply—If the AC power source outlet has a power switch, set it to the OFF (O) position. If the AC power source outlet does not have a power switch, gently pull out the plug end of the power cord connected to the power source outlet.

    • DC power supply—Switch the circuit breaker on the panel board that services the DC circuit to the OFF position.

  5. Remove the power source cable from the power supply faceplate:
    • AC power supply—Remove the power cord from the power supply faceplate by detaching the power cord retainer and gently pulling out the socket end of the power cord connected to the power supply faceplate.

    • DC power supply—Remove the screws securing the ring lugs attached to the power source cables to the power supply using the screwdriver, and remove the power source cables from the power supply. Replace the screws on the terminals and tighten them.