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Front Panel of a QFX3500 Device

The front panel of the QFX3500 device consists of the following components:

  • Management board

  • Chassis serial number label and ESD point


    The chassis serial number ID label is located on a sliding panel to the right of the fan tray on a QFX3500 device (see Figure 2). To use the sliding panel as an ESD point, pull the sliding panel partway out of the chassis, and connect a clip-style or tape-style ESD grounding strap to the panel.

  • Fan trays

  • Power supplies

Figure 1 and Figure 2 show the front of a QFX3500 device.

Figure 1: QFX3500 Device Front PanelQFX3500 Device Front Panel
Figure 2: QFX3500 Device FrontQFX3500 Device Front