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Management Board for a QFX3500 Device

The management board for a QFX3500 device (see Figure 1) is a field-replaceable unit (FRU) that you install on the front panel.


You must power off the QFX3500 device before replacing the management board.

Figure 1 shows the management board.

Figure 1: Management Board for a QFX3500 DeviceManagement Board for a QFX3500 Device

The management board contains the following components on the faceplate:

  • LCD panel—The LCD panel displays the device hostname and the number of active alarms.


    Alternatively, you can use the show chassis lcd CLI command to view what is currently displayed on the LCD panel.

  • Chassis status LEDs

  • USB port

  • Console (CON) port (RJ-45)

  • Management (C0 and C1) ports

There are two types of management boards:

In addition to the fan trays, two fan modules on the management board provide airflow to cool the chassis. The management board provides FRU-side-to-port-side or port-side-to-FRU-side airflow depending on the device model you purchase. Table 1 lists the different management boards and their direction of airflow. The management boards are designed so that they can only be inserted into the QFX3500 model that supports the same airflow type.


The front panel of the device where the power supplies, fan trays, and management boards are located is the FRU side of the device.

Table 1: Airfow Direction in QFX3500 Management Boards



Direction of Airflow

RJ-45 management board





SFP management board