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Grounding Cable and Lug Specifications for QFX3600 and QFX3600-I Devices

For installations that require a separate grounding conductor to the chassis, the device must be adequately grounded before power is connected to ensure proper operation and to meet safety and electromagnetic interference (EMI) requirements. To ground a QFX3600 or QFX3600-I device, connect a grounding cable to earth ground and then attach it to the chassis grounding points.


The device is pluggable type A equipment installed in a restricted-access location. It has a separate protective earthing terminal provided on the chassis in addition to the grounding pin of the power supply cord. This separate protective earthing terminal must be permanently connected to earth ground for installations that require a separate grounding conductor to the chassis.


Before device installation begins, a licensed electrician must attach a cable lug to the grounding cables that you supply. See Connecting Earth Ground to QFX3600 or QFX3600-I Devices. A cable with an incorrectly attached lug can damage the device.

Before connecting the device to earth ground, review the following information:

  • The grounding points on the chassis are sized for M5 screws. The grounding points are spaced at 0.625 in. (15.86 mm). M5 screws with integrated washers are provided in the accessory kit. You may use a disposable ESD strap to connect to grounding points.

  • The grounding lug required is a Panduit LCD10-10A-L or equivalent. This grounding lug is provided in the accessory kit. The grounding lug provided accommodates 14–10 AWG (2–5.3 mm²) stranded wire. You may only use clip-style ESD straps to connect to a grounding lug.

  • The grounding cable that you provide for a QFX3600 or QFX3600-I device must be 14 AWG (2 mm²), minimum 60° C wire, or as permitted by the local code.