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PTX10008 Chassis Lifting Guidelines

The weight of a chassis varies by the configuration. A chassis spare is the lightest at 273  lb (123.8 kg) and the weight goes up to 421 lb (191 kg) on the PTX10008-PREM3. Installing the PTX10008 router in a rack or cabinet requires either a mechanical lift or three people to lift the router and another person to secure it to the rack. To prevent injury, keep your back straight and lift with your legs, not your back.


If you are installing the PTX10008 without a mechanical lift, remove all power supplies, control boards, SIBs, cover panels, and fan trays before attempting to install the router. Unless you are using a mechanical lift, at least three people are required to perform the rack installation.

  • Before installing a PTX10008, read the guidelines in PTX10008 Site Preparation Checklist to verify that the intended site meets the specified power, environmental, and clearance requirements.

  • Before lifting or moving the PTX10008, disconnect all external cables.

  • When raising the PTX10008 into the rack, have two people lift and align the router with the rack while another person secures the router to the rack. As when lifting any heavy object, lift most of the weight with your legs rather than your back. Keep your knees bent and your back relatively straight and avoid twisting your body as you lift. Balance the load evenly and be sure that your footing is solid.