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Install the Front Door on a PTX10004 Router

Install the Front Door on a PTX10004 Router

The front door (JNP10004-FRNT-PNL) is required on the PTX10004 to protect fiber-optic cabling and to provide additional protection from electromagnetic interference (EMI). You can install the front door with or without the optional cable management system.

Be sure to have the front door (provided with the router chassis before you begin. See Figure 1 to identify the front door.

Figure 1: Front DoorFront Door

Front door


To install the front door:

  1. Wrap and fasten one end of the Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) grounding strap around your bare wrist and connect the other end of the strap to the ESD point on the front of the chassis. See Figure 2.
    Figure 2: ESD Point for PTX10004 Chassis FrontESD Point for PTX10004 Chassis Front

    ESD point

  2. Insert all optics.
  3. Lift the front door and align the captive screws in the door with holes in the chassis flange. Fasten the door to the chassis and rack using the captive screws using your fingers until finger tight. See Figure 3.
    Figure 3: Attach the Front Door by Using the Captive ScrewsAttach the Front Door by Using the Captive Screws