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MX960 High-Voltage Second-Generation Universal (HVAC/HVDC) Power Supply Description

The MX960 can be powered by four high-voltage second-generation universal power supplies (MX960-PSM-HV). The MX960-PSM-HV supports high-voltage alternating current (HVAC), or high-voltage direct current (HVDC.) The MX960-PSM-HV power supplies must be installed in adjacent slots in the chassis. The MX960-PSM-HV (HVAC/HVDC) power supply has one power inlet on front panel of the power supply rated at 30 A. The inlet requires a dedicated power feed and a dedicated breaker. For all power supplies the circuit breaker protection should be designed according to National Electrical Code (NEC) or any similar local standard based on maximum drawn current of the power supply specified in this document. See High-Voltage Second-Generation Universal (MX960-PSM-HV) Power Cord Specifications for the MX960 Router for more details.

The MX960-PSM-HV (HVAC/HVDC) power supply configurations are zoned meaning that certain components in the MX960 chassis are powered by specific power supplies.

Figure 1 and Figure 2 illustrates MX960-PSM-HV (HVAC/HVDC) power supplies for the MX960.

Figure 1: MX960-PSM-HV (HVAC/HVDC) Power SupplyMX960-PSM-HV (HVAC/HVDC) Power Supply
Figure 2: MX960-PSM-HV (HVAC/HVDC) Power Supplies InstalledMX960-PSM-HV (HVAC/HVDC) Power Supplies Installed

Air exhaust


Power supply ejectors


Power distribution unit cover


Grounding points


Power supplies




The chassis is shown without the extended cable manager.

The minimum number of power supplies must be present in the router at all times. Refer to Table 1.

Table 1: Minimum Number of Power Supplies Required for the MX960
Router Model Configuration Minimum Required Number of Power Supplies Model Number



One per zone x two zones = 2 power supplies