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MX960 PIC Port and Interface Numbering

Each port on a PIC corresponds to a unique interface name in the CLI.

In the syntax of an interface name, a hyphen (-) separates the media type from the FPC slot number (represented as an FPC in the CLI). The FPC slot number corresponds to the first number in the interface. The second number in the interface corresponds to the PIC number. The last number in the interface matches the port number on the PIC. Slashes (/) separate the FPC number from the PIC number and port number:


  • type—Media type, which identifies the network device. For example:

    • ge—Gigabit Ethernet interface

    • so—SONET/SDH interface

    • xe—10-Gigabit Ethernet interface

    For a complete list of media types, see Interface Naming Overview.

  • fpc—Lowest slot number in which the FPC is installed. On the MX960 router, the FPCs occupy two slots and are represented in the CLI as FPC 0 through FPC 10.

  • pic—PIC number, 0 or 1 depending on the FPC slot.

    For more information on specific PICs, see PICs Supported by MX240, MX480, and MX960 Routers in the MX Series Interface Module Reference.

  • port—Port number.

The MX960 supports up to six FPCs that install vertically and are numbered from left to right. Each FPC accepts up to two PICs.

Figure 1 shows a Channelized OC12/STM4 Enhanced IQ (IQE) PIC with SFP installed in PIC slot0of an FPC installed in slot3 and slot4.

Figure 1: MX960 PIC Interface Port MappingMX960 PIC Interface Port Mapping

The show chassis hardware command output displays a Channelized OC12/STM4 Enhanced IQ (IQE) PIC (4x CHOC12 IQE SONET) installed in an MX FPC Type 2.

The show interfaces terse command output displays the channelized SONET OC12 interfaces (coc12), that correspond to the four ports located on the PIC.