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MX2020 Port and Interface Numbering

In the physical part of the interface name, a hyphen (-) separates the media type from the MPC number (represented as an FPC in the CLI), and a slash (/) separates the logical PIC and port numbers:


  • type—Media type, which identifies the network device. For example:

    • ge—Gigabit Ethernet interface

    • so—SONET/SDH interface

    • xe—10-Gigabit Ethernet interface

    For a complete list of media types, see Interface Naming Overview.

  • fpc—Slot in which the MPC is installed. On the MX2020 router, the MPCs are represented in the CLI as FPC 0 through FPC 19.

  • pic—Logical PIC on the MIC. The number of logical PICs varies depending on the type of MIC.

  • port—Port number.


The MIC number is not included in the interface name.

The MX2020 supports up to twenty MPCs that install vertically and are numbered from left to right.

The following sample CLI output displays an MPC (MPC Type 2 3D EQ) installed in MPC slot 19.

There is one 10-Gigabit Ethernet MIC (MIC-3D-4XGE-XFP) installed into the MPC, MIC 0 (top slot), and one Gigabit Ethernet MIC (MIC-3D-20GE-SFP) installed into the MPC, (MIC 1) (bottom slot). Each MIC is logically divided into two PICs in the CLI.

The port numbers on the MICs correspond to the port number in the interface. See the MX Series Interface Module Reference for more information on specific MICs.

Figure 1 shows how the interfaces correspond to the ports on the MIC.

Figure 1: MX2020 Interface Port MappingMX2020 Interface Port Mapping

The slot number will be different depending on which slot the MPC and MIC is installed.

The show interfaces terse command displays the four 10-Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, xe-19/0/0, xe-19/0/1, xe-19/1/0, and xe-19/1/1 that correspond to the four ports on the MIC card that is installed in slot 0 of the MPC, and twenty Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, ge-19/2/0, ge-19/2/1, ge-19/2/2, ge-19/2/3, ge-19/2/4, ge-19/2/5, ge-19/2/6, ge-19/2/7, ge-19/2/8, ge-19/2/9 (left side), and ge-19/3/0, ge-19/3/1, ge-19/3/2, ge-19/3/3, ge-19/3/4, ge-19/3/5, ge-19/3/6, ge-19/3/7, ge-19/3/8, ge-19/3/9 (right side) that correspond to the twenty ports on the MIC card that is installed in slot 1 of the MPC.