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MX2000 Host Subsystem CB-RE Description

The CB-RE is a combined Routing Engine and Control Board in one unit. It performs the following functions:

  • Maintains the routing tables

  • Manages the routing protocols used on the router

  • Controls the router interfaces

  • Controls some chassis components

  • Provides the interface for system management and user access to the route

The CB-RE is hot-pluggable and installs into the front of the MX2000 chassis in vertical slots labeled 0 and 1. A USB port on the CB-RE accepts a USB memory device that allows you to load Junos OS. You can install one or two CB-REs in the router. If two CB-REs are installed, one functions as the primary and the other acts as the backup. If the primary CB-RE fails or is removed and the backup is configured appropriately, the backup takes over as the primary. If no CB-RE is installed in a slot, install a blank panel in the slot.

A minimum of one CB-RE must be installed in either slot 0 or slot 1 at all times.


If one CB-REs fails, do not remove the failed CB-RE until you have a replacement or blank panel to install.

The MX2000 line of routers supports the following CB-RE’s:

  • RE-MX2000-1800x4 CB-RE

  • REMX2K-X8-64G-LT CB-RE


REMX2K-X8-64G-LT CB-RE has limited encryption support.