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Unpacking the MX2010 Router Transport Kit

The router transport kit is shipped in a wooden crate. A wooden pallet forms the base of the crate. Metal clips secure the top and front of the crate in place.

The router transport kit shipping container measures 36 in. (91.4 cm) high, 32 in. (81.3 cm) wide, and 44.5 in. (113 cm) deep (see Figure 1). The total weight of the container containing the router transport kit is 200 lb (90.71 kg).

Figure 1: Router Transport Kit Crate DimensionsRouter Transport Kit Crate Dimensions

The router transport kit is maximally protected inside the shipping crate. Do not unpack it until you are ready to begin installation.

To unpack the router transport kit:

  1. Move the router transport kit shipping crate to an ESD-approved staging area, where you have enough room to remove the kit for assembly.
  2. Position the shipping crate with the arrows pointing up.
  3. Remove the metal clips on the shipping crate that secure the top and front to the crate (see Figure 2).
    Figure 2: Open Router Transport Kit Shipping CrateOpen Router Transport Kit Shipping Crate
  4. Remove the top and front of the shipping crate, and set them aside.
  5. Remove the two wing nuts that secure the wooden brace to the shipping crate platform, and set them aside.
  6. Align the crate door with the shipping crate platform, and secure the door to the platform by using the attached velcro straps (see Figure 3).
    Figure 3: Router Transport Kit Shipping Crate DoorRouter Transport Kit Shipping Crate Door
  7. Remove the router transport kit from the shipping container.
  8. Remove the vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI) packs attached to the pallet, being careful not to break the VCI packs open.
  9. Save the shipping crate cover, pallet, and packing materials in case you need to move or ship the router transport kit at a later time.