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Storing an MX2010 MPC

You must store an MPC as follows:

  • In the router

  • In the container in which a spare MPC is shipped

  • Horizontally and sheet metal side down

When you store an MPC on a horizontal surface or in the shipping container, always place it inside an antistatic bag. Because the MPC is heavy, and because antistatic bags are fragile, inserting the MPC into the bag is easier with two people. To do this, one person holds the MPC in the horizontal position with the faceplate facing the body, and the other person slides the opening of the bag over the MPC connector edge.

If you must insert the MPC into a bag by yourself, first lay the MPC horizontally on a flat, stable surface, sheet metal side down. Orient the MPC with the faceplate facing you. Carefully insert the MPC connector edge into the opening of the bag, and pull the bag toward you to cover the MPC.

Never stack an MPC under or on top of any other component.