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Maintaining the MX2010 Cooling System Zones


For optimum router performance, verify the status of the two cooling zones (zone 0 and zone 1) of the chassis. Zone 0 consists of ten MPCs (0 through 9) and their respective MICs. Zone 0 is cooled by fan trays (0 and 1). Zone 1 consists of the CB-REs and SFBs located in the upper portion of the chassis. Zone 1 is cooled by fan trays 2 and 3. Two fan trays are at the bottom of the chassis, and two fan trays are at the top of the chassis.


On a regular basis:

  • Check the LEDs on the craft interface for upper and lower fan trays. The green status LEDs labeled 0 and 1, for lower fan trays, and 2 and 3 for the upper fan trays light steadily when a fan tray is functioning normally.

  • Place your hand near the exhaust vents at the rear of the chassis to determine whether the fans are pushing air out of the chassis.

  • Monitor the status of the fans. During normal operation, the fans in each fan tray function at less than full speed.

    The fan trays each contain multiple fans that work in unison to cool the router components. If one fan fails, the host subsystem adjusts the speed of the remaining fans to maintain proper cooling. A red alarm is triggered when a fan fails, and a yellow alarm is triggered when a fan tray is removed.

During normal operation:

  • The green LEDs next to the fan trays 0, 1, 2, and 3 on the craft interface light steadily when the fan tray is functioning normally for that zone.

  • Issue the show chassis zones command to check the status of the two cooling zones. The output is similar to the following: