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Multiservices MPC

Figure 1: Multiservices MPCMultiservices MPC



Link/Act and Enable LEDs


MSPU Status and APP LEDs


Control 0 and Control 1 ports




Software release

  • Junos OS Release 13.2R4 and later

For information on which MPCs are supported on MX Series routers, see MPCs Supported by MX Series Routers.


  • Power requirement: 12.2 Amps @ 48 V (585 W)

  • Weight: 14 lbs.

  • Model number: MS-MPC

  • Name in the CLI: MS-MPC

Hardware features

  • One Junos Trio chipset for increased scaling for bandwidth, subscribers, and services.

  • Enhanced memory with 128 GB of memory (32 GB per NPU) and processing capabilities.

  • NPU CPU Clock Cycle of 1.2GHz.

  • Four NPUs per MPC.

  • Works with SCBs and SCBEs.

  • Interoperable with MS-DPCs. Both MS-MPCs and MS-DPCs can co-exist in the same chassis.

Software features

  • Active flow monitoring and export of flow monitoring version 9 records based on RFC 3954

  • IP Security (IPsec) encryption

  • Network Address Translation (NAT) for IP addresses

  • Port Address Translation (PAT) for port numbers

  • Traffic sampling

  • Stateful firewall with packet inspection—detects SYN attacks, ICMP and UDP floods, and ping-of-death attacks

  • Network Attack Protection (NAP)

  • Support for up to 6000 service sets

  • Support for MTUs up to 9192 bytes.

  • Multiple services can be supported. See Junos OS Services Interfaces Library for Routing Devices for more information.

  • See Protocols and Applications Supported by the MS-MIC and MS-MPC for information about the protocols and applications that this MIC supports.


OK/FAIL LED, one bicolor:

  • Steady green—MPC is functioning normally.

  • Blinking green—MPC is transitioning online or offline.

  • Red—MPC has failed.

IC LED—Reserved for future use.

STATUS LED, one tricolor per MSPU:

  • Off—MSPU is offline. If both MSPUs are offline it is safe to remove the DPC from the chassis.

  • Green—MSPU is operating normally.

  • Yellow—MSPU is initializing.

  • Red—MSPU has an error or failure.

Application (APP) LED, one tricolor per MSPU:

  • Off—Service is not running on the MSPU.

  • Green—Service is running on the MSPU under acceptable load.

  • Yellow—Service on the MSPU is reconfiguring.

  • Red—Service on the MSPU has failed.

Activity (LINK/ACT) LED, one per control port:

  • Off—No link.

  • Green—Chassis cluster control port link is active.

ENABLE LED, one per control port:

  • Off—Chassis cluster control port is disabled.

  • Green—Chassis cluster control port is enabled.