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Upgrading the Mini-PIM Firmware Using the CLI

To upgrade the firmware on the Mini-PIM, using the CLI:


When you upgrade the firmware on the Mini-PIM, the modem firmware is also upgraded.

  1. Identify the currently installed firmware (jfirmware) version:

    user@host > show system firmware


    Ensure that you upgrade the firmware on the Mini-PIM to the latest version.

    The Current version field in the output displays the firmware version that is currently installed on the Mini-PIM. If there is a newer version of the firmware at, then proceed to the next step to download the latest firmware.

  2. Download the appropriate firmware version from

    user@host > request system software add /var/tmp/jfirmware-<version>-signed.tgz


    Ensure that the Junos OS version installed on the device is the same as the firmware version or later. To know the Junos OS version, issue the show version command.

  3. Ensure that the latest firmware version is downloaded to the Mini-PIM by verifying the Available version field. The Available version field should list the latest firmware version that was downloaded in Step 2.

    user@host > show system firmware

  4. Upgrade the firmware on the device:

    user@host > request system firmware upgrade pic fpc-slot <fpc-slot-number>

  5. Verify that the firmware is upgraded successfully. The status should show OK.

  6. Reboot the device after the firmware is upgraded. Note that if you issue the show system firmware command after the reboot, the Current Version field shows the latest firmware version and the Available Version field shows zero(0).