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Installing the CNA Module on the JSA7500 Appliance

To install the Converged Network Adapter (CNA) module on a JSA7500:

  1. Power down the JSA7500 unit.
  2. Unscrew the two thumbscrews on the right-most blank IOC modules and remove the dummy tray.
    • The IOC module supports 10G connectivity with SFP+ transceivers. It supports only 1G connectivity using dual-rate optics: UNIV-SFPP-DUAL-SR and UNIV-SFPP-DUAL-LR.

    • The JSA7500 supports only the 2-port 10G IOC module in a one-half height tray.

  3. Insert the 2-port 10G IOC module firmly and screw in the two thumbscrews. See Figure 1.
    Figure 1: JSA7500 with the CNA Card InsertedJSA7500 with the CNA Card Inserted
    Hard drive
    USB ports
    Network port 0
    DB-9 Serial Console port
    Network port 1
    Power switch
    Network port 2
    Redundant power supply
    IOC expansion slots
    Redundant power supply
    Network port 3
  4. Power on the JSA7500 unit and watch it boot on the serial console.
  5. Verify that the link and activity LED on the new 2-port 10G IOC module light up when you connect the ports to your Ethernet switch with a duplex multi mode LC/LC MMF fiber optic cable.
  6. Log in to the admin console. You should now see four more Ethernet interfaces appear as 2-5. The four ports are labeled 0, 1, 2, and 3 and should map to Ethernet interfaces as follows (default in Linux):
    • 0 = eth0

    • 1 = eth1

    • 2 = eth2

    • 3 = eth3