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JATP700 System Overview

JATP700 Appliance Description

Juniper Networks Advanced Threat Prevention 700 (JATP700) appliance is an advanced threat prevention platform that is designed to identify and prevent targeted attacks across multiple threat vectors. The appliance can be deployed as a core device, as a Web collector, or as an All-In-One device.

The JATP700 appliance is a 2-rack-unit (2-U), rack-mountable chassis with dual AC power supplies (or optional dual DC power supplies), eight hard disk drives that support RAID, 128-GB memory, and two 10-Gigabit Ethernet SFP+ interfaces and four 1-Gigabit Ethernet interfaces.

Benefits of the JATP700 Appliance

  • Multivector traffic inspection—Provides continuous, multistage detection and analysis of Web, e-mail, and lateral spread traffic moving through the network.

  • Multistage threat detection—Monitors network traffic to identify threats as they progress through the kill chain, detecting phishing, exploits, malware downloads, command and control communications, and internal threats.

  • Multistage threat analysis—Performs static, payload, machine learning, and behavior analyses, as well as malware reputation analysis, and continuously adapts to the changing threat landscape by leveraging Juniper Networks Global Security Service, a cloud-based service that offers the latest threat detection and mitigation information.

  • Threat analytics—Offers a holistic view of identity and threat activity gathered from a diverse set of sources such as Active Directory, endpoint antivirus, firewalls, secure Web gateways, intrusion detection systems, and endpoint detection and response tools. The analytics component receives data from these sources, identifies advanced malicious traits, and correlates the events to provide complete visibility into a threat’s kill chain.

  • Integration with third-party devices—The JATP700 appliance supports an open API architecture, which enables it to integrate with several third-party security devices to seamlessly and automatically mitigate threats.

JATP700 Appliance Transceiver Interface

Two 10-Gigabit Ethernet SFP+ ports on the rear panel of the JATP700 appliance supports SFP+ transceiver. Table 1 lists the details of supported transceiver type.

Table 1: JATP700 Appliance Transceiver Type

Transceiver Type

Card Model




Dual Rate 10GBASE-SR/1000BASE-SX


Dual Rate 10GBASE-LR/1000BASE-LX