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AC Power Supply in Junos Space Appliances

This topic applies to the following Junos Space Appliances: JA1500 and JA2500.

A Junos Space Appliance ships with a single AC power supply module, shown in Figure 1. An additional AC power supply module can be installed to provide redundancy.


While it is possible to provide redundancy in the Junos Space Appliance using a combination of AC and DC power supply modules, we recommend that you do not provide redundancy in this manner. Instead, use two AC power supply modules or two DC power supply modules if you want to provide redundancy.

Figure 1: AC Power Supply ModuleAC Power Supply Module

Table 1 shows details of the AC power supply module for a Junos Space Appliance.

Table 1: Details of an AC Power Supply Module



Model number


Field replaceable unit type

Cold-swappable, if the appliance has only one power supply module

Hot-swappable, if the appliance has an additional redundant, functioning power supply module that is plugged into a separate power circuit

Power supply module weight

2.05 lb. (0.93 kg)


One internal fan per power supply module


From the front of the chassis to the back

Power Supply Module (Status) LED

One Power Supply Module LED present on the power supply faceplate:

  • Green indicates that the power supply module is working properly; the module is powered on and is powering the appliance.

  • Amber indicates that the power supply module is in standby mode; the module is powered on but it is not powering the appliance.

  • Off indicates that the power supply module is not powered on or that the module is not working properly.

AC Input Voltage

100 to 240 VAC

AC Input Line Frequency

50 to 60 Hz

Peak Inrush Current

  • 40 A maximum at 115 VAC and 77° F (25° C)

  • 80 A maximum at 240 VAC and 77° F (25° C)

Maximum Output Power

250 W

Power Module Maximum Efficiency

80Plus 250 W AC