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EX4650 Chassis

Chassis Status LEDs on EX4650 Switches

EX4650 switches have four chassis status LEDs (labeled ALM, SYS, MST, and ID) (see Figure 1).

Figure 1: Chassis Status LEDs in EX4650 Chassis Status LEDs in EX4650

Chassis status LEDs


Table 1 describes the chassis status LEDs on an EX4650 switch, their colors and states, and the status they indicate. You can view the colors of the three LEDs remotely through the CLI by issuing the operational mode command show chassis led.

Table 1: Chassis Status LEDs on an EX4650 Switch

LED Label


State and Description

ALM (Alarm)


There is no alarm or the switch is halted.


There is a major alarm.


A major hardware fault has occurred, such as a temperature alarm or power failure, and the switch has halted. Power off the unit by setting the AC power source outlet to the OFF (O) position, or unplugging the AC power cords. Correct any voltage or site temperature issues, and allow the switch to cool down. Power on the unit switch and monitor the power supply and fan LEDs to help determine where the error is occurring. s the network link and turns off the ALM LED..)


There is a minor alarm.


The Alarm (ALM) LED glows yellow if you commit a configuration to make it active on the switch and do not also create a rescue configuration to back it up. To save the most recently committed configuration as the rescue configuration, enter the operational mode command request system configuration rescue save.

SYS (System)


  • The switch is powered off or halted.

Green(On steadily)

Junos OS for EFX Series is loaded on the switch.

MST (Primary)

Green(On steadily)

Indicates a standalone EX4650 switch.



The beacon feature is not enabled on the switch. This feature is enabled using the request chassis beacon command.

Blinking—The beacon feature is enabled.


The beacon feature is enabled on the switch. This feature is enabled using the request chassis beacon command

A major alarm (red) indicates a critical error condition that requires immediate action.

A minor alarm (yellow) indicates a noncritical condition that requires monitoring or maintenance. A minor alarm that is left unchecked might cause interruption in service or performance degradation.

All three LEDs can be lit simultaneously.

Management Port LEDs on EX4650 Switches

The two management ports on the rear panel of an EX4650 switch have two LEDs that indicate Link/Activity and status of the management port.Figure 2 shows the location of the management port.

Figure 2: LEDs on the Management Port LEDs on the Management Port

Status LED


Link/Activity LED

Table 2 describes the Link/Activity LED.

Table 2: Link/Activity LED on the management port on an EX4650 Switch



State and Description



  • Blinking—The port and the link are active, and there is link activity.

  • On steadily—The port and the link are active, but there is no link activity.

  • Off—The port is not active.



Indicates the speed.

  • Off—Either the port speed is 10 M or the link is down.

  • Amber—Link speed is 100  Mbps.

  • Green—Link speed is 1000  Mbps.