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Installing a PMC on CTP2000 Platforms

The PCI mezzanine card (PMC) is mounted on the processor module and can be installed or replaced in the field. Figure 1 displays the location of the PMC.

Figure 1: CTP2000 Platforms PMC LocationCTP2000 Platforms PMC Location

To install a PMC:

  1. Confirm that the device is powered off.
  2. Remove the processor module by unscrewing the retaining screws and pushing the extractors outward while depressing the latching buttons.
  3. If a PMC was not previously installed, a shield may have been inserted in the PMC slot of the processor’s front panel. Remove this shield by gently pushing it out from behind the panel.
  4. The PMC has four screws. Two of the screws are secured to standoffs, and two are attached to the front assembly of the PMC. Remove the two screws secured to the standoff, leaving the standoff attached to the PMC. Remove the two screws on the front assembly located on the side with the standoffs. The front assembly should remain attached to the PMC hardware. Keep the screws for reattachment.
  5. Align the PMC with the printed circuit board connectors toward the processor board and with the fiber connectors inserted through the processor’s front panel. Align the alignment post on the processor module with the PMC’s alignment hole.
  6. Gently press the PMC into the processor module.
  7. From the back of the processor module, use the four Phillips head screws to secure the two PMC standoff posts and PMC front assembly to the processor module.
  8. Reinstall the processor.