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CTP2000 Multiservice Interface Module

The Juniper Networks CTP2000 Circuit to Packet platform optionally includes an 8-port Serial Multiservice Interface module (CTP2000-IM-8P-MS or CTP2000-IM8P-MS-B) as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: CTP2000 Serial Multiservice Interface ModuleCTP2000 Serial Multiservice Interface Module

The cable used with the Serial Multiservice Interface module is CTP-CBL-4Q.

The module can operate in the following modes:

  • Audio—Provides single and dual channel audio support for varying quality audio from 8-bit, 8-KHz quality to 8-bit up to 16-bit, 48-KHz quality (CD quality).

  • 4WTO—Provides single and dual channel audio support for 8-bit, 8-KHz quality with squelch support for radio backhaul. In 4WTO mode, the Multiservice interface module is interoperable with 4WTO daughter cards.

  • IRIG—Enables an interrange instrumentation group time code (IRIG-B) signal to be transported through an IP network.

  • TDC—Provides combined time-correlated support for IRIG/NRZ data for telemetry applications.

The interface module is supported on CTP bundles; You use the bundles to configure the modes of operation.