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Storing CTP Modules and Other Components

Retain the packaging in which a module or other component was shipped, and use this packaging to store the item. Modules are shipped in antistatic bags and protective packaging. Components, such as transceivers, are shipped in antistatic plastic containers within an antistatic padded box.


Failure to store electronic modules and components correctly can lead to damage of these items.

Follow these guidelines for storing modules and other components:

  • Store each module in a separate antistatic bag.

  • Store other components in an antistatic plastic container. Some of these containers can accommodate several components in separate compartments.

  • Do not store multiple modules or other components in an antistatic bag or container where they can touch other items.

  • (Optional) Store the item in its antistatic bag or container within the protective packaging or padded box that the item was shipped in.