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Cooling System and Airflow in ACX710 Routers

The cooling system in an ACX710 router consists of a fan tray that is installed in the rear of the router. The fans in the fan tray draw cool air into the chassis to maintain an acceptable operating temperature for the device and its components. You remove and replace a fan tray from the rear end of the chassis. The router continues to operate for a limited period of time during the replacement of the fan tray without a thermal shutdown.

Figure 1 shows the fan tray in an ACX710 router.

Figure 1: Fan Tray in ACX710 RoutersFan Tray in ACX710 Routers

Fan tray


In the ACX710 router, cool air is pulled through the front of the chassis towards the fan tray, from where it is exhausted out of the chassis through the rear.


Leave at least 4 in. (10.16 cm) clearance in front and 2 in. (5.08 cm) behind the chassis for airflow.

Figure 2 shows the front-to back airflow through the ACX710 chassis.

Figure 2: Airflow Through the ACX710 ChassisAirflow Through the ACX710 Chassis