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Performing Software Configurations on the ACX6160

Performing the Initial Software Configuration for the ACX6160

Use these steps to perform the initial configuration:

  1. Connect the ACX6160 to power. See Connecting the ACX6160 to Power.
  2. Connect the Ethernet RJ-45 MGMT port on the ACX6160 to your management network where your Open ROADM controller resides. See Connecting the ACX6160 to a Management Ethernet Device.

    By default, the ACX6160 is set up for dynamic IP address assignment. The following process takes place:

    • When the ACX6160 powers on, it requests an IP address from the DHCP server in your management network. This assigned IPv4 or IPv6 address is temporary and allows the Open ROADM controller to establish initial contact for commissioning the ACX6160.

    • After the DHCP server assigns the temporary IP address to the device, the device waits for the Open ROADM controller to connect to it using NETCONF over SSH on port 830 with the default username openroadm and password openroadm.

    • If the login is successful, the Open ROADM controller configures the info container after it connects to the ACX6160 by using the DHCP temporary IP address. The info container contains the node-id, IP address, gateway address, and other details specific to the node.

  3. The Open ROADM controller reboots the ACX6160 by using the Open ROADM restart RPC command. The reboot is necessary for the new IP address to take effect.
  4. Use the Open ROADM controller to set up the permanent IP address, change the default username and password, and complete the initial configuration.
  5. You can now manage the ACX6160 by using the Open ROADM controller.

    If at any point in time, the Open ROADM controller deletes the info container on a node after the initial commissioning is done, the device goes into a factory default state and the commission process is re-initiated.


See the ACX6160 Universal Metro Router User Guide at for information about the ACX6160 features.