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ACX1100 AC Power Electrical Safety Guidelines

The following electrical safety guidelines apply to an AC-powered router:

  • You can order three-wire electrical cords with a grounding-type plug that fits only a grounding-type power outlet. Do not circumvent this safety feature. Equipment grounding should comply with local and national electrical codes.

  • Each AC power supply has one AC appliance inlet. Each inlet requires a dedicated AC power feed and a dedicated customer site circuit breaker. We recommend that you use a dedicated circuit breaker rated at 2 A (100 VAC) or 1 A (240 VAC), or as required by local code.


    The router is pluggable type A equipment installed in a restricted-access location.

  • The power cord serves as the main disconnecting device for the AC-powered device. The socket outlet must be near the AC-powered device and be easily accessible.

  • The cores in the main lead are colored in accordance with the following code:

    • Green and yellow—Earth

    • Blue—Neutral

    • Brown—Live

  • When a router is equipped with two AC power supplies, both power cords (one for each power supply) must be unplugged to completely disconnect power to the router.


The attached power cable is only for this product. Do not use the cable for another product. Japanese translation: