Understanding Automatic Securing of VMs

vGW Series allows you to configure your system to automatically secure VMs. Auto-securing VMs streamlines policy application allowing you to efficiently ensure security throughout your virtual infrastructure. You can configure the Auto-Secure feature options to direct vGW Series to automatically secure VMs in the manner most appropriate for your environment.

You use the Settings module vGW Application Settings > Install Settings > Automatic Securing of VMs pane to configure Auto-Secure for your virtualized environment.

The Automatic Securing of VMs pane includes the following options:

Note: vGW Series auto-secure feature will not attempt to secure an FT-enabled VM. vGW generates an alert telling you that you must disable FT for that VM or suspend the VM for vGW to secure the VM. The auto-secure feature monitors for cases in which an FT-enabled VM is disabled and for VMs that are suspended and powered-off.

If a VM is automatically secured, you cannot use the Settings module Installation page to unsecure it. The VM is shown on this page in a dimmed box and a message is presented informing you that it is automatically secured. In this case, if you were able to unsecure the VM, vGW Series would simply secure it again automatically.

Instead, you must first remove the VM from the automatically secured group that it belongs to, or, if it is an individual VM, remove the policy from it, and then unsecure it.

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