Understanding the vGW Series Kernel Module

vGW Series kernel module is the policy enforcement engine that is loaded into the hypervisor of an ESX/ESXI host to be secured. It utilizes the VMware VMID to ensure that the correct policy is applied to a VM. It manages state synchronization in order to support VMotion.

It is a lightweight component that plugs directly into the host’s hypervisor–without relying on an OS or a VM.

Communication between the vGW Series kernel module in the ESX/ESXI host’s hypervisor and the vGW Security VM occurs over a special VMware vmservice vSwitch.

vGW Security VM is the conduit to the vGW Series kernel module. It inserts security policy into the kernel module, transfers logs and network information from the kernel module to the vGW Security Design VM and other devices SYSLOG, NetFlow V9 devices.

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