Understanding vGW Series Protocols Support

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The Protocols Page and Table

The Settings module Security Settings > Protocols page lets you view existing available protocols and add to the list. By default, the protocols table shows all IANA registered protocols. You can add to this table custom protocols or other application protocols that are not IANA registered. Protocols that you add are shown by name in network reports instead of being displayed by port or protocol.

You can also define your own non-TCP, non-UDP and non-ICMPv6 protocols such as GRE and IPsec protocols. You can define protocol ranges such as Custom App /TCP/8000-8005.

The Protocols table displays the name of a protocol, the kind of protocol it is, such as TCP, UDP, or ICMPv6, and the number of the port used for it or the type if it is an ICMPv6 protocol.

Creating Protocol Groups

You can combine a number of protocols into a Protocol Group so it can be used in Firewall Policy creation (for example, policies for Global, Group, or Individual VMs can include it).

To do so, click Add, enter a name for the group, select the appropriate protocols, and click Save.


The protocols table includes the following Internet Control Message Protocol version 6 (ICMPv6) protocols:

ICMPv6 is integral to IPv6 and fundamental to the proper functioning of IPv6 networks. For details on how the vGW Series firewall handles ICMPv6 protocols and the default protocol group for ICMPv6 protocols, see Understanding How vGW Series Handles ICMPv6 Protocol Traffic.

Additionally, vGW Series ICMPv6 (icmpv6) was added as a new transport protocol type. To use it, you must specify in the Type: box the protocol type number.

Additional Protocols Added for IPv6

You can use the following IPv6 protocols, which were added to the supported protocols in firewall policies:

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