Disabling the vGW Series Suspend-Resume Process Enacted After a VM Is Unsecured

You use the vGW Security Design VM Settings module Installation section to secure and unsecure a VM. By default, the vGW Series suspends and resumes a VM when you unsecure it. You can change this behavior by changing the value of the vmsafe.config option.

Displaying the State of the vmsafe config Setting

This example shows the default setting. You can use the following command to display the current state of the center.config vmsafe config option:

(Cmd) config show center.suspend.after.vmsafe.config# whether center should suspend and resume VM after VMsafe configurationcenter.suspend.after.vmsafe.config = true

Disabling the Suspend-Resume Process

In some cases it might be necessary or desirable to stop vGW Series from enacting the suspend-resume process after a VM is unsecured. For example, you might want to disable the process to allow the VM to be migrated to another host or to suspend and resume the VM later after completing the removal of protection from the VM.

Tip: Take care when you protect VMs such as the VMware vCenter Database VM and other VMs that must not be suspended.

To enable the vmsafe config process to take effect after the VM is migrated to another host without suspending the VM, use the following statement. Set the option to false in center.config:

(Cmd) config set center.suspend.after.vmsafe.config false

After changing this value, either restart the vGW management process or reboot the vGW Security Design VM. You can use the service restart command line or the vGW Security Design VM to restart the vGW management process.

To restart the vGW management process from the command line, enter the following command:

(Cmd) service restart tomcatSending ’restart’ commandThe following watches were affected: tomcat

To restart the vGW management process using the vGW Security Design VM:

  1. Select the Settings module Support section.
  2. In the Restart pane of the displayed page, click Restart.

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