Configuring the vGW Series Backup and Restore Feature

vGW Series provides a backup and restore feature that you can use to create and store multiple backups of your vGW Security Design VM configuration and easily restore a backed up version. This topic explains how to configure settings for it. It also explains what you must do after you restore the vGW Security Design VM from a backup version. Figure 150 shows the Settings module Appliance Settings > System Settings Backup page that you use for this purpose.

Figure 150: Settings Module Backup and Restore Settings

Settings Module Backup and Restore Settings

You can configure your system to back up the vGW Security Design VM in either of the following ways:

Note: You cannot back up the vGW Security Design VM over IPv6 networks.

To back up the vGW Security Design VM remotely:

  1. In the Backup Settings pane under Remote Backup, specify where you want the backup to be stored. Select:
    • Network File System Share (NFS)
    • Windows File System Share (CIFS or SMB)

      If you want to use the Windows Files System (CIFS (Common Internet File System) or SMB (Server Message Block) as the file store, specify the following information:

      • The name of the host and its path.
      • The username and password used to access the file share.
  2. Configure the Remote Backup Options.

    1. To schedule the backup, select Enable Scheduled Backups.
      • Specify the date and time:
        • For Daily, select it.
        • For Weekly, select the day.
        • For Monthly, select the date of the month.
      • In any of these cases, in the Time box, select the time when the backup should begin.
    2. In the Number of backups to keep:, specify the number of backup versions to create and write to the file share.
  3. Select Backup before software update to direct the vGW Series to back up the vGW Security Design VM before it is updated, whether the update is automatic or manual.
  4. Click Save to save your backup configuration definition.
  5. To back up your configuration immediately, click Backup Now.

The Restore Settings pane allows you to restore a backup file from the location where you stored the files.

Note: Clicking Restore causes the system to be restarted.

Warning: After you restore the vGW Security Design VM, you must reconfigure high availability (HA) for it. See the following procedure.

After you restore the vGW Security Design VM:

  1. Verify that it is working properly.
  2. Cancel the standby (secondary HA) vGW Security Design VM.
  3. Reconfigure HA for the restored vGW Security Design VM.

    For details on how to reconfigure HA, see Installing an Additional vGW Security Design VM and Configuring the Primary vGW Security Design VM to Use It for High Availability.

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