Understanding and Configuring IDS Signatures Settings

This topic explains how to configure settings that control how IDS signatures are managed. You use the IDS Signatures section of the Settings module for this purpose.

The IDS Signatures page shows the following information:

You can activate or deactivate entire groups by selecting or deselecting the button under Rules Selection.

You can view the signatures that belong to a specific group. Figure 142 shows the signature rules that comprise the denial-of-service group.

Figure 142: Signatures in a Signature Group

Signatures in a Signature Group

You can also enable or disable individual signatures within a group. To do so, click the signature name in the list of signatures in the group, or the custom signature. Then select the Enabled button. The displayed information also provides details on the signature rule. You can change the signature priority level (high, medium, low) on the same Signature Details dialog box. See Figure 143.

Figure 143: Signature Details

Signature Details

Note: Signature sets that are loaded into the IDS engine apply to traffic that is marked, or tagged, for IDS inspection.

You can manually upload IDS custom signatures using the IDS Signatures section of the vGW Security Design VM Settings module.

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