Integrating the vGW Series with VMware Using the Settings Module

This topic explains the vCenter Integration settings page that allows you to configure parameters that control the interaction between vGW Series and VMware. It covers how to change the vGW Series VMware settings, direct VMware to update the vGW Security Design VM with VMs inventory information, change the settings that control how deleted VMs and information about them is handled, and how to integrate the vGW Series with the VMware infrastructure.

You can also use it to change the management domain, or scope, for the vGW Security Design VM, after you configure it initially when you install the product. The management domain specifies the data centers and host clusters in the vCenter that your vGW Security Design VM manages.

The vGW Security Design VM uses the VMware Virtual Infrastructure APIs to:

The account used for vCenter must have read-write access to the VMware Infrastructure. You can use a custom account created in VMware; this approach makes it easier to identify and monitor activities that change. In any case, the account must have administrator privileges.

The Settings module vGW Application Settings > vCenter Integration page contains the following panes and their settings for which you either enter information or whose values you can change:

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