Configuring vGW Series Time Settings

You use the Settings module Appliance Settings > Time Settings page to specify the time zone and current time settings crucial to the proper operation of vGW Series and to specify settings for NTP servers.

It is essential that the vGW Security Design VM have the correct time zone and that it has access to an NTP server. All system logs, security logs, security policy deployment, and other data are time-stamped. If the time setting is not correct, these data will be marked with the wrong time. vGW Security VMs installed on ESX/ESXi hosts synchronize their time settings with that configured on the vGW Security Design vGW.

If you do not have an internal NTP server, you can use the preconfigured NTP servers or another Internet-based NTP server. vGW Series supports both IPv4 and IPv6 addressing for NTP servers.

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