Understanding Hypervisors and vGW Series

vGW Series is a high performance, hypervisor-based virtualization security solution. Various layers of abstraction combine to create virtualized environments. Virtualized hardware supports multi-tenancy in which guest virtual machines (VMs) running discrete operating system images share the system resources. Each guest VM runs its own user-space applications. If a physical machine does not directly support virtualization, a software layer called a hypervisor is used to manage the relationship between the guest VMs that run on it and compete for its resources.

Some forms of virtualization provide support for multiple instances of the same kind of guest operating system. A full-virtualizaton hypervisor allows multiple instances of a variety of guest operating systems to run concurrently. It presents a virtual operating platform to the guest operating systems, and it manages their execution. Similar to the control program responsibilities of the supervisor that is intrinsic to some operating systems, a full-virtualizaton hypervisor arbitrates access to resources between guest VMs that reside on the host and it manages those guest VM operating systems.

vGW Series secures full virtualized environments by inserting a module into the hypervisor of the host. Because the vGW Series kernel module resides in the hypervisor, vGW Series has wide visibility into the virtualized environment, and it can process security requirements faster.

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