Understanding vGW Series Log Collection

This topic explains the Log Collection section of the Settings module that you use to collect logs for troubleshooting vGW Security Design VM problems.

Log Collection

For some reason, you might encounter problems that necessitate troubleshooting the vGW Security Design VM itself. To help solve the problem, you can use the Collection Tool to generate information to provide to the Juniper Networks Support team.

When you click Start New Collection, the Collection Tool generates relevant log and system files, and it compresses them in a TGZ file. You can either upload the file to the support center or download a copy of it to submit manually. We recommend that you upload the file.

Uploading the File

When you click Upload in the Upload Log Collection pane, the compressed log files are uploaded, and an ID is returned to you. The upload process encrypts the file (through AES-256), and it transfers it to a protected server. You can use the ID to track your submission with Juniper Networks Support. You should refer to this ID in trouble tickets or other communication about the problem with the support team. Before you upload the file, you must briefly describe the problem in the comment field.

Downloading the File

When you click Download in the Download Log Collection pane, to download the file, you can send the file to Juniper Networks Support through e-mail at any time, or you can post the log collection to a server.

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